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114% rise in mobile traffic and 43% rise in tablet traffic

Arsenal football club is one of the most successful in England with a fan base of 100 million, spanning all four corners of the globe. With 92% of fans being satisfied by the current site, Arsenal Broadband Ltd needed to be sure their website redesign was a real improvement for their fans. Bunnyfoot supported them through the redesign process from initial customer research right through to user testing final designs.

The Objective:

  • Develop a deeper knowledge of who their fans are, what they want from the site, what they do and what’s most important
  • Understand the views and opinions of key stakeholders from 6 different business areas on how the current site represents the club and how it should be improved
  • Test new designs for usability issues that cause fans problems whilst using the site

The Work:

To complete these objectives we:

  • Bunnyfoot worked to ensure that Arsenal's new website focused on what mattered to fans and delivered it in the best possible way. Bunnyfoot acted as an independent research partner from design conception to final delivery
  • Six internal stakeholder interviews with people from commercial, to marketing to business development. This revealed what was performing well currently and what needed to be improved upon
  • The survey received 4,500 responses from 132 countries giving us plenty of quantitative data to get stuck into
  • From the survey results we were able to conduct cross comparisons to identify different needs of different fans to help tailor the site to the right kind of fan. For instance international fans have little interest in buying season tickets compared with UK based fans
  • Bunnyfoot conducted two rounds of user testing to help understand fan perceptions of the new site and identify any usability problems. 14 UK fans tested the new website providing valuable feedback and allowing us to identify areas which were suboptimal, allowing for recommendations to be made to improve the site for fans
  • Remote testing using screen shares with 10 US fans to further our understanding of how the new design supported wider international audiences. Following each round of testing a report detailing prioritised, actionable recommendations was delivered to help further improve the site
  • The on-going relationship and research throughout the process helped Arsenal put fans at the centre of the design process and deliver a site which truly caters for fan needs

The Results:

The site was launched on February 6th 2013 to industry and fan acclaim:

The 2013/14 season:

  • Website tracking ahead on all KPI's with site visits up 4% and unique visits 20%
  • 114% rise in mobile traffic and a 43% rise in tablet traffic showing how important it was to deliver a very usable responsive design
News of the  re-launch of the Arsenal website spread worldwide
News of the re-launch of the Arsenal website spread worldwide
"By conducting research across the whole redesign project - from conception through execution - we were able to make objective decisions about user experience and design and take the rest of the club with us on that journey. Bunnyfoot delivered strong analytical rigor combined with a pragmatic approach that was ideal for what we required"

Ben Ladkin, Operations Manager
Arsenal Broadband Limited

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