Usability / UCD / UX Training Courses

Intensive and interactive courses delivered by UX experts.

Currently all public courses are in central London, but we will also design and then deliver bespoke tailored courses for you at your place - contact us to discuss.

UX Strategy

Learn how to create user experience strategies that meet the needs of your customers and your business

Next course:

  • London: Wed 6th Dec, 2017Fully booked
  • London: Tue 27th Mar, 2018 - Places available

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Customer/User Research Methods & Practice

Get insight and understanding of your customers so you can deliver services to drive the behaviour you want.

Next course:

  • London: Thu 11th Jan, 2018 - Places available
  • London: Wed 11th Apr, 2018 - Places available

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Fundamentals of Service Design

How to design joined up services and create great customer experiences that close the gap between customer expectations and perceptions.

Next course:

  • London: Thu 30th Nov, 2017 - Places available
  • London: Wed 4th Apr, 2018 - Places available

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Designing for emotion

How to use emotional cues in your designs to make people love you, your products, and your services.

Next course:

  • London: Thu 1st Mar, 2018 - Places available

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CPUX-User Testing Certification

This professional 3-day UX certification programme covers usability evaluation methods and theories – in particular usability testing.
- independently assessed/certified by iSQI

Next course:

  • London: Tue 24th to Thu 26th Apr, 2018 - Places available

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CPUX-Foundation Certification

Professional 3-day UX certification program covering user experience methods and theories
- independently assessed/certified by iSQI

Next course:

  • London: Tue 30th to Thu 1st Feb, 2018 - Places available
  • London: Tue 13th to Thu 15th Mar, 2018 - Places available
  • Sheffield: Wed 14th to Fri 16th Mar, 2018 - Places available

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Fundamentals of Design Thinking, Ideation & Creative Collaboration

Extracting knowledge and ideas from diverse people to create ‘remarkable’ customer experiences

Next course:

  • London: Wed 7th Mar, 2018 - Places available

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Creating superior customer services & UX with User Centred Design

(new title for our popular ‘beyond usability’ course)

Next course:

  • London: Wed 14th to Thu 15th Feb, 2018 - Places available

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Designing for persuasion

How to make sure your design and copy creates action and prevents procrastination

Next course:

  • London: Wed 21st Feb, 2018 - Places available
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Designing for the human mind/brain

Exploiting psychology and neuroscience to deliver exceptional interactive design

Next course:

  • London: Wed 24th Jan, 2018 - Places available
  • London: Thu 10th May, 2018 - Places available
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Rapid prototyping with AXURE (beginner)

Understanding Axure and creating basic HTML prototypes

Next course:

  • London: Tue 27th Feb, 2018 - Places available
  • London: Tue 15th May, 2018 - Places available
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Rapid prototyping with AXURE (intermediate)

Creating prototypes with interaction design

Next course:

  • London: Wed 28th Feb, 2018 - Places available
  • London: Wed 16th May, 2018 - Places available
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Rapid prototyping with AXURE (advanced)

Creating prototypes with complex interaction design

This course is available on request

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User testing

How to do it yourself to get key insights and make improvements to the way you interact with your customers

Next course:

  • London: Wed 7th Feb, 2018 - Places available
  • London: Wed 23rd May, 2018 - Places available
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Practical accessibility

For managers, content providers and designers

Next course:

  • London: Wed 17th Jan, 2018 - Places available
  • London: Wed 18th Apr, 2018 - Places available
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"Aimee is an enthusiastic and engaging trainer. I liked the breakout sessions and having the ability to work in teams to explore ideas."

Kaylie Mitten
Digital Product Manager, RSA

"Most definitely recommended. It was by far the best course I have been on."

Stacey Hole
Product Usability Analyst, Hailo

"Great facilitation & atmosphere - there were lots of 'reasons why' for stuff I thought I understood, very useful."

Jon Bounds
Web Editor, Oxfam

"I came away with ideas and ways to put what I've learnt into practice immediately."

Natalie Heaton
Specialist Editor, Bupa

"Very impressed with each of my experiences with Bunnyfoot."

Steph Tole
Web Development Manager, Screwfix

"I found the course to be really inspiring. The group work and the use cases we worked through really brought the topic to life. Our tutor provided excellent advice and training. I'm really thrilled I passed!"

Keith Tomlinson
Global Digital Community Manager, Unilever

"Really enjoyed the course at Bunnyfoot. Gave me a good overview of human centred design, our teacher Becs helped us understand how this fitted with latest industry practice, and it put me in a good position for the exam."

Amy Tatton-Brown
Digital e-Commerce Conversion Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

"Good price, excellent examples and work development."

Mark Pickering
Change Director, Barclays

"I would recommend Bunnyfoot. The course was useful, informative and evidence to back it all up."

Jessica Woods
UX Designer, House of Commons

"It was Interactive. I liked the fact there were breaks between sections to write scenarios, fill in the boxes and sense check what learnt!"

Caroline Lambert
Head of Customer Research, The FT

"I liked the practical work and exercises which were quite challenging."

Bejal Karia
User Experience Architect, John Lewis

"Thank you for the course last week, the content was compelling and the delivery engaging, I look forward to learning more."

Emmanuel Kolade
Senior User Experience Design Manager, PWC

"The content was great and just what I wanted. It was great to have a small group, easy to interact and feel interacted with."

Amy James
UX Researcher, Moonpig